How Wind Energy Can Save You Money

While wind power has really been in use for centuries (think about those old windmills that used wind power to grind up grain) it is really only somewhat recently that it has been in use in people’s homes.

As the wind technology has become more advanced and an increasingly consistent way of capturing energy, more and more people are installing them on their property.

Of course, before you even consider thinking about installing wind power at your home, it is really important to consider if the area in which you live is windy enough, otherwise the turbines will not be able to consistently store a large amount of energy.

But, the good news is, that with many advancements in wind powered technology, many companies are now making turbines that are much smaller and compact than the turbines you think of in your head when you see the term wind power. In fact, there are wind turbines now that have been specifically designed for use in home housing developments and neighbourhoods.

These new designs will go even further in helping a homeowner save money from wind energy:

  • Newer efficient designs have much less expensive installation and maintenance costs
  •  Wind turbines have the ability to store energy in generators, so even if the wind is not blowing, a home will still be able to use the stored energy
  •  Unlike solar, wind turbines can collect energy 24 hours a day providing more ability to store money saving energy
  •  Wind power is free, many consumers of wind power will see substantial credits or cash back from their energy companies each month

Estimates are that, depending on the area, wind energy can save between 20% – 50% on home energy bills, which is a pretty incredible amount of savings each month. Any expenses involved in the installation and maintenance of your home wind turbine will certainly be covered by the money saved in energy over the course of months, not multiple years.

Expect to see more and more wind energy being used in conventional neighbourhoods. With the new sleek and efficient designs, they will be hardly noticed, yet still provide massive savings over time.


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