Live at SPI: Fronius’ SnapINverters now include revenue grade metering

If you are at Solar Power International, you’ve no doubt seen Fronius someplace. Maybe outside (when it isn’t raining) at their fun booth, complete with a full-sized beer pong game; maybe inside at their main booth, complete with its full product line and mic’d up technical explanations; or maybe in random spots when their inverter mascot has popped up. Anyway, this is a good thing because Fronius has some products worth seeing. Above, we get the lowdown from marketing guru Tiffany Bley as she describes some new features for the SnapINverter, such as revenue grade metering. If you’re around still, be sure to stop by and lift up a SnapINverter for yourself to see how lightweight it is. (Note: that does not apply to the mascot. He doesn’t like being picked up).

And don’t forget all of the other news coming out of SPI this year.

— Solar Builder magazine







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