Mall With Largest Green Roof in the World


Silicon Valley, CA just might be getting a mall with the largest green roof in the world. The developer firm Sand Hill Property Company has recently acquired a 50 acre (20 hectare) plot of land, currently occupied by Cupertino’s Vallco Shopping Mall. The company is now proposing a $3 billion development project, which would turn this into a mixed-use town center covered by a green roof along with a host of other sustainable features.

The project is called Hills at Vallco and would be designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects and OLIN Landscape Architects. The mall, which is currently located on the side would be transformed drastically. The finished complex would feature a number of retail spaces, around 2 million sq ft (185,806 sq m) of office space, and 800 apartment units. And the whole thing would be covered by a green roof.


The green roof would measure 30 acres (12.1 hectares), which probably is, in fact, the largest in the world, while an estimated $300 million would be spent on constructing it. This green area would be open to the general public, and would feature orchards, gardens, vineyards, an amphitheater, and playgrounds. There would also be a 3.8 mile (6.1 km) jogging and walking trail. The proposal also plans on the inclusion of entertainment facilities such as AMC Theaters, a bowling center, and an ice-skating rink.



The developers hope to achieve a LEED Platinum certification for the project. Apart from the green roof, there would also be other sustainable features, such as using recycled water for irrigation, heating, and cooling, as well as a rainwater collection system, all with the aim of reducing water consumption as much as possible. The green roof park would be planted with native and drought-resistant vegetation, which does not need a lot of water to flourish.

Since it’s all still in the planning and proposal stage, these things might still be subject to change. However, the green roof looks promising so it will be interesting to see how the project progresses going forward.

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