Modularize your MV construction with myPV ClearSky Interconnection

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myPV ClearSky Pad Mounted Interconnection

The myPV ClearSky Interconnection modularizes all MV construction into a single pad mount product. Affordable, serviceable, and with shorter lead times, the ClearSky de-risks construction, commissioning, and operations.

Brad Micallef, Managing Director of Solar Operations Solutions, LLC, the company behind myPV, said, “Project after project we saw the same issues, delays due to long lead times for equipment, cost overruns for expensive bucket truck services, inconsistent construction errors, and improperly configured metering. We decided this was an area that was due for radical change.”

The ClearSky Interconnection merges MV electrical construction, metering, protective relay (often called a recloser), and even SCADA into a single device that is preconfigured and delivered to the PV facility like an appliance.

Ivan Regueira, Director of Business Development, says customers recognize the value in modularizing equipment to simplify their MV installation and commissioning and achieve commercial operation on-time.

The ClearSky provides several advantages for developers and EPCs alike:

  • Single-phase drop witness testing may be performed at ground level without the expense of a bucket truck.
  • Revenue grade metering is built-in and preconfigured ensuring asset managers have access to report every kWh generated.
  • Recloser programming is pre-configured, eliminating in-field programming costs.
  • The low profile and small footprint allow engineers and developers to place the interconnection anywhere in the facility.
  • Built-in SCADA saves cost and ensures data for capacity testing, revenue reporting, and provides remote operations from the moment back-feed is achieved.

Available in three models to meet common interconnection voltages: 15kV, 25kV, and 35kV, ClearSky Interconnections may be deployed for distribution and transmission level facilities.

Brad explained, “We see the ClearSky as the brain of the facility. It measures all the energy generated and consumed. It is smart enough to protect the facility and sits at the top of the equipment stack.”

— Solar Builder magazine


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