Nextracker is rebranding and here’s why that matters


nextracker new logo

You may have noticed Nextracker didn’t get the all caps NEXT treatment in the headline (no? just us copy editors?). It is part of a big rebranding the company is undergoing — I was going to say “the solar tracker company is taking,” but the message behind the rebrand makes it clear that lowercase Nextracker is aiming at more than that.

Kristan Kirsh, VP of global marketing at Nextracker, explained everything in a blog post circulated to us media folk:

We’ve moved from a logo that had a tracker embedded in the typography to one with a newly separated brandmark. The circular mark captures the arc of the sun’s movement above—our when—and earth—our where—below, transected by a powerful slash that suggests a solar module and the strength of the steel and concrete structures that buttress our tracker systems.

Stuff like that. For us graphic design nerds it is neat. But why this all matters to the solar industry is how much broader the scope of a solar tracking supplier has become, or at least how much more it can be.

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This reminds me of our feature last year looking at the evolution of the role of manufacturers, suppliers and EPCs in the solar industry. Nextracker has always been leading trends instead of lagging. As the cost of solar has plummeted, Nextracker expanded beyond energy into tech and data, which is why “Nextracker’s next era will be as much about gigabytes as it as about deploying gigawatts,” as the new talking point goes. This isn’t just figuring out a nifty way to pair a tracker with a battery. The company is focused on using data and analytics to further optimize performance and maximize financial returns for asset owners.

Nextracker wants to truly develop the clean energy power plant of the future. There will be more details coming down the road, and we’ll relay them when we have them. All I really know right now is the letters are smaller but the plan for what’s coming next sounds big.

— Solar Builder magazine


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