Off-the-Grid Writer’s Retreat


The Getaway startup from Boston has recently unveiled their newest creation, a tiny retreat called Lorraine. This off-the-grid cabin is meant to be a comfy writer’s retreat for up to two people, offering the occupants a distraction free and inspiring space in which to create.

The Lorraine measures 160 sq ft (14 sq m), and it comes with everything the renter needs to be productive in a relaxing environment. It is pre-stocked with food, has a wide selection of books, and board games, as well as bicycles for those wishing to explore the surrounding area as they reconnect with nature. It is made mostly from timber, and features a large open living/working area, which is fitted with a large working surface running the length of the living space. This area can also be used as a dining room. The bedroom is separated from the working area and features a queen-size bed.





The Lorraine is designed to function completely off-grid and gets all the needed power from a rooftop mounted solar array. The retreat also features a kitchenette with a two-burner propane-powered stove, as well as a vintage Coleman cooler, and a sink. The bathroom is fitted with a composting toilet and shower.



The retreat was designed by Wyatt Komarin, Addison Godine and Rachel Moranis, and constructed by Patrick Mulroy in roughly four weeks, which is very fast. The group has plans to build more such retreats in the near future. Besides offering occupants a great place to work at, these houses are also meant to give people a taste of tiny home living in the hopes of encouraging them to consider tiny houses for full time living. The Lorraine is located in a rural area near Boston and can be rented for $99 a night.

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