RPCS to deliver over 85 MW of solar tracker projects for Indiana Municipal Power Agency

RPCS tracker projects

RP Construction Services, Inc. (RPCS) and the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA) have partnered to build a number of solar tracker projects to supply communities throughout the state of Indiana with clean, renewable solar energy.

IMPA is the wholesale power supplier to 61 public power communities in Indiana and Ohio, providing a diverse portfolio of power resources in a low-cost, reliable, and environmentally responsible manner for its communities and their customers.

IMPA has taken on the role of developer and EPC and will receive 100% of the power production from these solar projects, all characteristics that make the organization unique and contribute to their ability to complete projects smoothly and efficiently for the benefit of the IMPA member communities.

RPCS and IMPA have worked closely over the last several years on a number of projects, forming a deep trust and true partnership. From 2018 to 2020, RPCS has helped IMPA design, supply, and build the racking posts and tracker system at 17 of IMPA’s solar parks, comprising nearly 85 megawatts throughout Indiana.

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The projects will all feature the DuraTrack HZ V3 solar trackers from Array Technologies.

“RPCS has been an excellent partner on our solar park projects,” commented Emily Williams, Project Manager for IMPA. “Their design capabilities, installation expertise for the tracker systems, and ability to meet our tight construction schedules has made a very positive impact on our projects.”

IMPA leveraged RPCS’s stocking services to safe harbor solar tracker components for the portfolio of projects completed in the second half of 2019 and leading into 2020. This allowed IMPA and RPCS to collectively achieve impressive engineering, supply, and installation lead times, in addition to nearly doubling IMPA’s installation capacity. The efforts of RPCS’s on-site crew also proved timely and efficient, installing the tracker systems for IMPA’s projects ahead of schedule, all while navigating and conquering field challenges encountered during construction.

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: https://solarbuildermag.com/news/rpcs-to-deliver-over-85-mw-of-solar-tracker-projects-for-indiana-municipal-power-agency/]


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