‘Safe Harbor’ from RPCS helps solar developers benefit from this year’s ITC rate next year

RPCS ITC Schedule

RP Constructions Services announced this week a Safe Harbor strategy that will allow project developers, financiers and owners to benefit from this year’s Investment Tax Credit (ITC) rate for projects built in the coming years. Customers can realize savings by both purchasing solar tracker materials from RPCS and storing them safely and cost effectively in RPCS’s two tracker storage facilities, located in California and Texas, to serve projects nationwide.

RPCS’s strategy offers complete flexibility to future projects by selecting components that are universal product parts and aren’t module or project specific. RPCS has the experience of engineering solar tracker projects in-house to give project owners and developers a competitive edge when it comes to planning and purchasing projects in advance in order to obtain the highest value of the ITC.

“One comment that has been made universally among people we’re engaged with on the Safe Harbor opportunity is that, financially, it makes too much sense not to pursue,” says RPCS CSO, Alex Smith. “The question is how to keep as few strings attached to the materials in Safe Harbor as possible so that everyone can maintain their flexibility and take advantage of future shifts in technology or project design that aren’t yet known. We’re able to show how the components we recommend accomplish both things: they ensure a successful Safe Harbor program and also keep the project costs down later at the time of NTP. We’re already designing, stocking, and shipping out projects using these components in our two facilities so it’s natural for us to help companies looking to Safe Harbor materials for projects starting in 2020 and beyond.”

RPCS Safe Harbor

By implementing their Safe Harbor strategy, RPCS helps customers secure the highest tax credit rate while minimizing risks from project or technology changes. RPCS has the experience and capabilities to guide this purchasing decision toward components that will not lose their value or become barriers to other BOS selections when the projects are ready to proceed.

As Array Technology’s trusted partner for over ten years, RPCS focuses solely on designing and building solar tracker projects using the DuraTrack HZ v3 to deliver the highest returns through long-term asset performance. RPCS’s Safe Harbor strategy complements their growing suite of turnkey services, including site layout optimization, ancillary engineering, foundation post and tracker procurement, mechanical installation, and tracker commissioning. With over 360 projects and nearly 1 GW completed throughout the US, RPCS’s deep history and product knowledge provides customers with a trusted choice for turnkey execution of single axis tracker projects.

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: https://solarbuildermag.com/news/safe-harbor-strategy-from-rpcs-helps-solar-developers-prep-for-itc-stepdown-benefit-from-this-years-rate/]

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