Single-axis tracker from GameChange completes wind tunnel testing

GameChange Racking announced that wind tunnel testing was completed on the GameChange Power-Tracker single axis tracker. The testing was completed by CPP, an industry leader in boundary layer wind tunnel testing, at their facility in Fort Collins, Colo.

GameChange Racking“Wind tunnel testing is especially critical for trackers which can experience unique loading issues due to their long row tubes upon which the modules are mounted,” said Andrew Barron Worden, CEO of GameChange Racking. “At GameChange Racking we felt it was essential to design our system using accurate wind load data, which can only be obtained through wind tunnel testing using physical models with sensors to measure negative and positive pressures on the modules on all array areas to determine the worst case loading scenarios.

GameChange said it chose CPP for wind tunnel testing due to their reputation as the premier international boundary layer wind tunnel testing company, and their reputation as being clearly top of class.

— Solar Builder magazine


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