Solar Data Systems brings iPLON India’s utility-scale PV monitoring tech to the United States


Solar Data Systems Inc., an official provider of Solar-Log hardware-agnostic energy monitoring and management, has teamed up with iPLON India to offer its solar PV monitoring systems, controllers, and Total Life Cycle Management solutions in the U.S. for large-scale/utility solar projects.

This is a big move by Solar Data Systems to round out its product portfolio with a proven solution in a solar segment it was not yet serving. As Silvia Blumenschein, CEO and General Manager of Solar Data Systems, puts it: “The cooperation with iPLON India takes Solar Data Systems from kW to GW. For over 10 years we have been able to support the residential and commercial market segments with Solar-Log’s leading technology, and now we can serve the large-scale market with iPLON’s solutions.”

iPLON details

iPLON is an IoT-based solution focused on renewable energy efficiency. The company recently achieved more than 1 GW in SCADA and remote monitoring systems in India.

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iPLON’s latest innovation is a smart data controller for systems with solar PV and diesel generators. The PV-DG Hybrid is a management setup that maximizes the use of solar by controlling the inverters without compromising the efficiency of the diesel generator. This solution is most often used for industrial and commercial rooftop arrays and can be used with up to 10 diesel generators.

“As a pioneer of solar plant control and monitoring technology, iPLON solutions were a natural fit for Solar Data Systems. We can now offer monitoring and control solutions for solar plants of any size. We are officially the single source for Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) solutions in the U.S.,” Blumenschein added.

— Solar Builder magazine


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