Solaria releases new PowerXT modules (both residential and commercial solutions)

Solaria just introduced its PowerXT 330Wp and 400Wp modules optimized for residential and commercial rooftops respectively– offering high efficiency for this rapidly-growing sector of the clean energy market. Solaria’s high output modules are built on the company’s proprietary technology, which utilizes an advanced cell interconnect and module production processes.

Solaria modulesSolaria modules significantly boost power generation while eliminating reliability challenges that can reduce conventional PV modules’ long-term performance.

“We’re thrilled to be introducing PowerXT 330Wp and 400Wp modules to the rapidly growing solar market,” said Solaria CEO Suvi Sharma. “This innovation represents Solaria’s latest step in our industry-leading efficiency roadmap. Solaria PowerXT modules meet the needs of solar installers keen to maximize power deployment on their customers’ roofs – enabling them to install safe, clean, renewable and reliable on-site power plants.”

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In order to meet rapidly growing customer demand, Solaria has established a manufacturing partnership with SolarPark in Korea. This is in addition to Solaria’s module production capacity located in Fremont, California.

“Solaria’s modules are incredibly powerful,” said SolarPark Chairman Hyunwoo Park. “We’ve been seeking innovative products to manufacture, and it is clear to us that Solaria has commercialized industry-leading modules that create the new standard in PV module efficiency and system costs.” Solaria will serve its customers in North America as well as select international markets with its high-performance PV modules from this Korean production facility.

— Solar Builder magazine




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