Solmetric now shipping its new PVA-1500 V2 IV curve tracer

solmetric curve tracer

Solmetric has begun shipping its new PVA-1500 V2 IV curve tracer for commissioning, maintaining, and troubleshooting PV systems. This latest model of the popular 1500Volt/30Amp PV Analyzer product line adds some key new features, including:

• Charging/charged LED indicators on the I-V unit and SolSensor
• In-the-field firmware upgrade capability so that your unit won’t need to come back to factory for future firmware feature enhancements and patches
• Ability to pair/re-pair SolSensor to I-V unit in the field
• Enhanced protection against inadvertent I-V sweeps while string is connected to an inverter

And, of course, it still includes all the other PVA-1500 features that have made the earlier model so popular, including:

• Measures strings up to 1500 Volts at 30 Amps
• WiFi connectivity
• Highest accuracy
• Highest measurement throughput
• Largest display with best array troubleshooting features
• 300 ft wireless sensor range

— Solar Builder magazine


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