Stion Produces 23.2%-Efficient Thin Film Modules

Stion, a United States-based manufacturer of high efficiency thin-film solar modules, announced that it has produced a 23.2% efficiency thin-film cell based on its proprietary tandem junction technology.  Stion has already scaled this technology at or above 20.0% efficiency on a prototype module (20 cm x 20 cm) and expects to soon scale to monolithic modules (65 cm x 165 cm) in the 20-22% efficiency range.

stionA pioneer in tandem module technology, Stion is the first to demonstrate fully integrated thin film devices at such high conversion efficiencies using scalable commercial processes.  Stion will continue to implement the key technical innovations behind the 23.2% cell on its pilot production line in San Jose, Calif., in preparation for the commercialization of thin-film modules with  less than 20% efficiency.

“Achieving 23.2% cell efficiency and 20% mini-module efficiency on this state-of-the-art technology clearly demonstrates Stion’s commitment to technology differentiation and its deep IP portfolio,” said Howard Lee, Stion’s Chief Technology Officer, Founder and Sr. Vice President of Technology. “Showing initial results of 20%+ is a strong validation of scalability, and our ability to provide Simply BetterTM solutions to our customers using this technology. We expect the technology to keep improving with production experience”

Stion’s unique approach to CIGS leverages proprietary materials and device expertise along with a robust, high-volume manufacturing process based on readily available, standardized equipment. Combining the simplicity of thin-film manufacturing with ultra high performance products greater than 20% efficiency is yet another example of how Stion is striving to be Simply BetterTM than the competition.

— Solar Builder magazine


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