Store Repurposes Car Windshields in a Unique Way


Recycling old cars into something useful again requires some out of the box thinking, which is exactly what Holland-based design firm Superuse Studio did. They repurposed 350 disused car windshields (along with a lot of reclaimed wood) to create the interior for a shoe store in The Hague.

The windshields were used as shelves for displaying and storing the shoes and shoeboxes. The final result is a store, which seems to wrap around the customers, while also allowing plenty of light to enter the otherwise quite small area. The whole interior design is built around a central shoe fitting island, which is made from reclaimed wood. There are also a couple of ergonomic sofas with a footrest for trying on shoes with the aid of the store clerks.



They also included a conveyor belt, repurposed from a supermarket, which the customers can use to try on shoes, which is an ingenious design element even without it being made of recycled parts. The shelves surrounding the island were made of Audi100 windscreens and they serve the purpose of giving the fitting area a uniform look and feel. For consistency, even the front desk is constructed out of car windshields.


The whole thing is arranged into a circular pattern, which welcomes customers into this cocoon of shoes. Apart from the sofas, there are also plenty of footrests that can be used for trying on shoes. I suppose these could be made from repurposed car seats too, though I guess they didn’t want the interior to look too much like a car.


This store has been around for a while and I think it should serve as an inspiration for other stores or even homeowners. Using car windshields as shelves and tables could work in many homes.

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