Strata Solar is looking to C&I, community solar as part of growth strategy

strata solar

N.C.-based Strata Solar says it has plans to strategically acquire commercial and industrial (C&I) and community solar assets to add to its existing portfolio of utility-scale projects. The move comes as the company, which already owns over 800 MW in assets, aims to expand its long-term ownership portfolio to now include rooftop and community solar projects across the U.S.

With the addition of Chief Structured Finance Officer Jimmy Chuang from GCL and formerly SolarCity, Strata is now actively looking to acquire both operational and development assets while also supporting upcoming municipal and commercial sustainability efforts across the country.

“In just two years, Strata Solar Commercial has built over 60 MW across 14 states, developing a strong presence in the C&I and Community Solar markets as an EPC provider. We are ready to further leverage our experience owning and operating utility-scale projects to become long-term asset owners in the C&I space,” said Chuang. “This will allow us to expand our offering to a broader customer base in line with our corporate goals and long-term strategy.”

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Strata is looking to support the growth of its C&I business across the U.S. by working with corporate sustainability managers and local governments to achieve their renewable objectives.

“Strata is giving businesses and industrial customers direct access to cheaper, clean energy while allowing them to hedge against unpredictable energy costs,” said Henry Dziuba, Strata’s Chief Revenue Officer. “As a market leader in the renewable energy space, with over a decade of experience and over 1.3 GW in operating solar assets, Strata offers corporate clients the security and bankability they are looking for in a long-term investment partner.”

— Solar Builder magazine


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