Sunport Power’s next-gen solar PV modules hit 375 Watts

Sunport Power

Sunport’s second-generation high efficiency MWT C series and D series modules

Sunport Power is a solar module manufacturer based in WUXI, China, that’s been around since 2012, and its first-generation C6 and D6 modules hold the dominant position in the target market across several countries including Italy, Spain, Australia and Poland.

“We are glad that our products have gained recognition in global markets. To date, our full-black rooftop solar modules from D6-series account for more than 50 % of shipment volume in Europe,” said Dr. Fengming Zhang, CEO of Sunport Power, “We have also signed an agreement with the biggest PV distributor in Poland, with the plan to provide rooftop solar modules for more than 40,000 local households in the next two years.”

But it hasn’t made many headlines in Solar Builder until this headline right here: the launch of its the second-generation high efficiency MWT C series and D series modules that have a power output up to 375 W.

Sunport Technology

Key to the upgraded performance is Sunport’s Metal Wrap Through (MWT) technology, which eschews traditional solder ribbon design and creates conductive back-sheet interconnection structure. This can avoid soldering stress and micro-cracks of cells to boost long-term reliability.

The back-contact design ensures a stable connection of cells regardless of distance and placement. Benefiting from further optimized module layout design and half-cut cells, 40W extra power output has been added to the second-generation products.

Given the success of the first generation of D-Series modules, Sunport is anticipating considerable interest for its new generation products in Europe, Japan and Australia.

— Solar Builder magazine


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