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  • AET accounts for 145 mph winds in 5-MW installation in Puerto Rico

    Applied Energy Technologies (AET) completed a 5 MW solar installation project with Rosendin Construction Puerto Rico, LLC in Juncos, Puerto Rico. The modules installed for the project are Hanwha Q Cells 300W. The project will bring power to a Medtronic Pharmaceuticals facility. “It is a privilege to be selected forRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • 2016 Solar Mounting/Racking Guide: Product Showcase

    Most of you may have learned that the earth is not flat. Which is too bad, really. If it was flat, we’d just place PV panels all over it and call it a day. Our Mounting Guide would certainly be a lot less interesting. But no, of course it isn’t flat.Read More — Solar Builder magazine

  • AET adds east-west configuration to Rayport-B ECO system line

    Applied Energy Technologies (AET) expanded its ECO line of products with its Rayport-B ECO East-West System. AET’s Rayport-B ECO East-West System provides an east/west orientation to maximize PV production and increase array density on the rooftop. East to west orientation provides advantages for PV power production with a dynamic grid. WithRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • Load Warriors: Experts discuss rooftop ballast installation best practices

    Installing a ballast racking system on a commercial roof isn’t necessarily any easier or more difficult than a ground-mount in terms of the planning and challenges, but you can’t accidentally void the earth’s warranty. There’s also less risk in a ground-mount mistake resulting in a PV system tumbling into aRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • AET expands Rayport-B ECO ballast system for Prism Bifacial panels

    Applied Energy Technologies (AET) has expanded its ECO line of products, introducing the Rayport-B ECO Prism Ballast System for Prism Solar Technologies Bifacial Solar Panels. Prism’s bifacial glass modules generate up to 25 percent more energy per watt than traditional modules in flat rooftop applications by utilizing the light reflectedRead More — Solar Builder magazine