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  • Summit Energy finishes first Solstice solar shingle install

    The Peak Roofing division of Summit Energy, a premier solar installer in the Northeast, just installed its first Solstice Solar Shingle System from CertainTeed. The Solstice Shingle System combines solar energy production into a low-profile roofing system that is aesthetically similar to asphalt shingles. “Homeowners who have been reluctant to adopt solar due to the……

  • CertainTeed debuts new Solstice solar shingle, all-black panel

    Sustainable building materials supplier CertainTeed launched the next generation of its solar panel and building-integrated PV (BIPV) products at the International Roofing Expo this week. CertainTeed, like GAF Energy, is trying to develop products from a roofer’s perspective that also deliver the aesthetics that homeowners require. “CertainTeed has supported generations of builders, roofers and contractors……

  • Roof assessment checklist for rack-mounted solar installs

    The technology and techniques for mounting solar panels on roofs has been around for a surprisingly long time (as early as 1884). Thanks to that history and the improvement of techniques over time, rack-mounted solar panels present the lowest financial barrier to homeowners considering solar. There are, however, many thingsRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • Residential BIPV in 2020: Solar shingles yield to roof-integrated innovation

    The integrated solar roof has long been a solar technology goal — combining solar power with a watertight roof covering — but the category (often seen as just “solar shingles”) is perceived as too expensive or too experimental compared to the cost of separately installing solar and a traditional roof usingRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • You down with BIPV? Here’s a rundown of today’s solar shingle contenders

    This is a continuation of installment III in our Countdown to 2020 series, “Would you like solar with that?”. Will more solar being installed during new construction or roof replacement hasten the shift to solar shingles or other building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) innovations? Tesla’s solar shingles are still mostly a myth,Read More — Solar Builder magazine