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  • Growatt beefs up residential off-grid PV inverter series

    Growatt launched its latest SPF 6000 ES Plus inverter for residential off-grid PV storage applications. The SPF 6000 ES Plus is an upgrade over previous off-grid solutions SPF 3000-5000 ES, to target markets where there are frequent power outages or limited access to the grid. Some specs: With a maximum PV input power of 8000W……

  • Growatt’s new XH series solar inverters integrated with Tigo RSS transmitters

    Grid-connected single-phase PV and energy storage system inverter provider Growatt has joined the Tigo Enhanced program to bring rapid shutdown solutions to PV installers. Growatt’s latest lineup of single-phase hybrid inverters – the XH series – will integrate Tigo Rapid Shutdown System (RSS) Transmitters, enabling plug and play installation with Tigo’sRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • Tigo Energy now UL certified to handle rapid shutdown with 17 solar inverter brands

    Tigo Energy received UL PVRSS (Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown System) certifications for approximately 30 inverter models, bringing its certified inverter total to more than 200 inverters from 17 different companies. Tigo already had the largest network of certified inverters for customers to choose from and this adds even more options toRead More — Solar Builder magazine