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  • Growatt beefs up residential off-grid PV inverter series

    Growatt launched its latest SPF 6000 ES Plus inverter for residential off-grid PV storage applications. The SPF 6000 ES Plus is an upgrade over previous off-grid solutions SPF 3000-5000 ES, to target markets where there are frequent power outages or limited access to the grid. Some specs: With a maximum PV input power of 8000W……

  • Webinar: Upgrading your critical projects with Morningstar’s new SureSine inverters

    Thu, Dec 8. | 2 p.m. EST  Register here Join Solar Builder and Morningstar to learn more about designing for success in off-grid solar installations, in this special webinar covering Morningstar’s new SureSine line of off-grid inverters.   Learn the differences in inverter design, and the key features that make an inverter “industrial grade” for higher-end remote……

  • How large-format solar modules disrupt off-grid design

    The following article was sent by the charge controller experts at Morningstar Corp. We are hosting a Morningstar webinar on Nov. 17, covering off-grid innovations. Sign up here to join us live or to watch on-demand. The “large format” 72 cell nominal 24 V solar module has been a staple of industrial and other off-grid……

  • The Pitch: How carbon improves flooded lead-acid batteries in off-grid solar with Rolls Battery

    On this edition of The Pitch, we look at how applying a carbon additive in traditional flooded lead-acid batteries significantly improves their performance in off-grid solar applications. Here to give us the details is Jeff Myles, marketing manager for Rolls Battery. First we get into the science behind the carbonRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • Solar Distancing, ep. 5: Basics of battery recycling

    Eric Hill, energy storage and systems manager at Outback Power, joins us again to discuss what to do with batteries when they have reached end of life. Can you recycle them? Which kinds? And how do you go about doing that? Solar Distancing archive Episode 4: Battery charging and monitoringRead More — Solar Builder magazine