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  • The Best Way to Keep Your Attic Cooler is to Change Your Roof Color

    Prime:  prime Subtitle:  Reflective roofing, unlike powered attic ventilators, addresses the problem where it begins Images:  The most contentious issue I’ve written about since I started blogging isn’t bad Manual Js. Nor is it endorsing government intervention by raising efficiency standards or improving energy codes. Incredibly, it’s not even whether or not naked people need…

  • Meridian Solar Completes 655-kW System for United Natural Foods Inc.

    UNFI (United Natural Foods Inc.) partnered with Meridian Solar to build a 655-kW roof-top solar electric system on its 590,000 square foot distribution center in Lancaster, Texas. Using energy harnessed from the sun, UNFI can now store and deliver its more than 65,000 products while adhering to their corporate responsibilityRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • 2014 Roof-Mount Project of the Year Winner: Solar for Seals

    Pinnipeds — the all-encompassing classification for seals, sea lions and similar semiaquatic marine mammals — just want to swim and play and eat fish and live with other marine mammals in peace. But sometimes unfortunate things happen — they may get trapped in nets, injured by fishing hooks or sufferRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • 2014 Roof-Mount Project of the Year Runner-Up: Grow Community

    If you could create the perfect community to live in, what would it look like? What would be essential to your happiness? A group from Bainbridge Island, Wash., asked these questions when embarking on a new housing development a few years back. Stacked apartment complexes and cookie-cutter houses had beenRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • 2014 Roof-Mount Project of the Year Honorable Mentions

    JM Family Enterprises Inc. | Deerfield Beach, Florida | 150 kW Developer: JM Family Enterprises Contractors: Advanced Green Technologies, Advanced Roofing Inc. Modules: Suniva Inverters: Advanced Energy Mounting: SunLink JM Family Enterprises Inc. — South Florida’s largest privately-owned company (including subsidiary JM Lexus, the largest-volume Lexus dealership in the world) — engagedRead More — Solar Builder magazine