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  • Meet the Plug-N-Play Solar Tracker from RPCS, in partnership with Array Technologies, Shoals, CAB Solar

    RP Construction Services Inc. (RPCS) has formed a new partnership with solar balance of systems leader Shoals Technologies and CAB Solar to launch the Plug-N-Play Solar Tracker system. This turnkey system features the Array Technologies DuraTrack HZ v3 single-axis tracker, Shoals Technologies’ electric balance of systems wiring solutions, and CAB Solar’sRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • The Ultimate SPI Showcase: Here’s what to see at Solar Power International 2017

    Big leap for microinverters APsystems will unveil the YC600, a dual-module, smart grid and Rule 21 compliant microinverter at SPI in Las Vegas. A groundbreaking design in microinverter technology, the YC600 will offer the highest peak output power, faster transmission speed and more modules allowed per string than comparable microinverters.Read More — Solar Builder magazine

  • Oaktree Capital Management invests in solar bos company Shoals

    Shoals Technologies Group, a leader in solar electrical balance of systems, received an investment by from the Power Opportunities group of Oaktree Capital Management L.P. Terms of the investment were not disclosed. Founded in 1996, Shoals designs and manufactures a diverse range of products for solar and energy storage projects, includingRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • Watch this excellent video of Shoals CEO Dean Solon at #Intersolar

    If you didn’t know, Shoals Technologies Group is a leading manufacturer of BoS solutions, with over 15 GW plus deployed globally. Like you didn’t know. Well, what you might not have known (sitting their drinking your office latte and surfing Solar Builder online) is that Shoals has one of theRead More — Solar Builder magazine