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  • The case for large-scale solar plant repowering-as-a-service

    Operations and maintenance (O&M) is mostly about keeping the status quo of a solar plant. Fix issues. Prevent failures. Hit benchmarks. But in a tech-driven industry, is maintaining the status quo of a decades-old legacy site the best strategy? Many plant owners and operators are facing this question as theirRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • How to select the best metering hardware for each solar project (and an overview of top options)

    Monitoring is essential to effectively manage and optimize the performance of solar PV systems, particularly commercial sites, as they are likely to have revenue-grade production, inverter-level monitoring capabilities, weather stations and additional load monitoring at the site. For sites measuring performance-based incentives such as Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECS) orRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • 2021 Guide to Residential Solar Installer Partner Programs

    A strong residential solar industry is developed, in part, by quality PV system products and the strong brands behind those products. Solar installation contractors who partner with these companies – via partnership programs or dealer networks – can also reap other ancillary benefits to build a stronger business, from preferredRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • Tigo Energy now UL certified to handle rapid shutdown with 17 solar inverter brands

    Tigo Energy received UL PVRSS (Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown System) certifications for approximately 30 inverter models, bringing its certified inverter total to more than 200 inverters from 17 different companies. Tigo already had the largest network of certified inverters for customers to choose from and this adds even more options toRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • Solar Builder names Editor’s Choice Award winners for 2020

    After the Solar Builder readers cast their votes to choose our annual Project of the Year winners, Solar Builder’s editor gets to pick his favorites among the Project of the Year field of nominees. In a variety of categories from the Most Resilient to the Coolest Carport, here are the 2020 SolarRead More — Solar Builder magazine