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  • Complete Solar, Solaria merger is official

    Complete Solar and Solaria have completed their merger, officially forming Complete Solaria. The combination of these two companies establishes Complete Solaria as a full system operator with a top of the line PV product and customer platform that handles financing and project fulfillment. The company is looking to expand big-time across the United States and……

  • 2021 Guide to Residential Solar Installer Partner Programs

    A strong residential solar industry is developed, in part, by quality PV system products and the strong brands behind those products. Solar installation contractors who partner with these companies – via partnership programs or dealer networks – can also reap other ancillary benefits to build a stronger business, from preferredRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • What’s the answer for solar PV panel recycling? Manufacturers share their thoughts

      The solar PV panel recycling issue continues to loom large in the U.S., with more articles being written to show something needs to be done than actual things getting done. The volume of discarded modules could total 80 million metric tons by 2050. In addition to quantity, the natureRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • Solar PV Module Buyer’s Guide 2021

    Solar PV module technology is better and more cost-effective than ever, but manufacturers continue to push the boundaries in terms of power, efficiency, cell layouts, connections and dimensions. For this Solar PV Module Buyer’s Guide, we reached out to all of the major manufacturers to explain what new tech andRead More — Solar Builder magazine

  • Solaria files ITC complaint against Canadian Solar

    On the heels of its lawsuit filed in March against Canadian Solar Inc. (CSIQ) in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Solaria Corporation, a U.S. company based in Fremont, California, today announced it filed additional claims against Canadian Solar with the International Trade Commission (ITC). “SolariaRead More — Solar Builder magazine