TerraSmart’s ground screws, turnkey service are building Maine’s utility-scale solar portfolio

TerraSmart has a robust pipeline of utility-scale solar projects coming soon in the rolling hills of Maine. In July, TerraSmart commenced its turnkey ground screw racking solution on eight record sized projects in the rocky New England state that will aid in Maine’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, a recent policy approved by the senate to double the percentage of renewable power to 80 percent by 2030. Due to what lies below the surfacing soils of Maine, TerraSmart’s successful track record in refusal type soils was chosen to support these soon-to-be solar farms.

Maine’s location presents environmental and geotechnical challenges that entail strong winds from the small state’s coastline; extreme frost susceptible soil conditions; and the fact that its surficial materials are mostly comprised of bedrock and glacial till. TerraSmart’s ground screw-based racking solution has proven to be the most durable and feasible solution to support solar systems atop arduous soils and undulating terrains, in addition to withstanding high winds and resisting frost heave. Majority of Maine’s frost depths can be 60 inches or deeper. Similar to the frost heave solution, TerraSmart’s ground screws are embedded with no need for ground modification, and efficiently drill past buried rock and glacial tills without refusal. These abilities significantly reduce upfront construction costs and eliminate subsurface risks.

“For over ten years TerraSmart’s ground-mount racking solutions have been standing up to extreme winds, freezing ground conditions and tenuous terrains,” says TerraSmart CEO Ryan Reid. “TerraSmart’s refined engineered products, customized machinery and our turnkey solar solutions have proven their ability to overcome some of the toughest weather and subsurface conditions across the United States. Our racking solution’s adjustability and agile machinery are built to navigate in tough land conditions such as Maine, while mitigating unnecessary civil work.”

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: https://solarbuildermag.com/news/terrasmarts-ground-screws-turnkey-service-are-building-maines-utility-scale-solar-portfolio/]

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