The Pitch: OpenSolar’s free solar PV design, proposal and CRM software

Welcome to The Pitch — a Solar Builder side project connecting solar professionals straight to solar PV system and service providers. We explore their new ideas and chat awkwardly about their innovations so you don’t have to. First up in this new series is OpenSolar, founded by the team that started remote solar sales before anybody with Sungevity. This new OpenSolar concept is as the name suggests: open. It is a suite of free tools to fully digitize the business of solar installer, from phone or other remote sales to design, finance and customer relationship management.

In the Pitch above, Cofounder Andrew ‘Birchy’ Birch explains:

  • How is OpenSolar free?
  • How the system goes from lead generation to CRM to PV proposal and design all the way to close
  • The value of interactive, remote proposal creation
  • The benefits of a streamlined totally free process for a solar installation business
  • What big innovation is being added very soon (3D design)

For more on that last bullet point, check out this other video from the OpenSolar team.

— Solar Builder magazine


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