Tiny House That’s Actually a Mobile Classroom and Community Center


There have been a lot of tiny houses popping up lately, but this one is not actually a home. Zee Kesler of Vancouver, BC built her tiny house as a tiny community center, classroom, or artists residency. It is fully mobile, so it can be moved around on a whim.

The structure is called simply Tiny Community Center. It was constructed mainly out of recycled and repurposed waste materials of the construction and film industries. Part of the community center’s message is to inspire the visitor to take a look at the waste they are generating in their lives and find ways to recycle, repurpose or eliminate as much of it as possible.



According to Zee, the Tiny Community Center was build following the Tumbleweed Fencl plan. They added or changed some things like adding extra windows for more light, as well as a larger entrance, which allows for wheelchair access. They also added an L-shaped kitchen, which was made entirely out of recycled materials.

The house cost 27,000 CAD to build, and this cost was kept low by using recycled materials where they could. The funds were mostly raised through fundraising. The center has no toilet or shower and they are planning on converting the loft into a coat check and a place to store shoes.


The center is very artfully decorated, and serves as a perfect and very inspiring backdrop for taking the drawing, painting, working with textiles and other classes that the center offers.


Zee sees this tiny center as an easy to relocate place where people could come together, take creative classes and form communities. She plans on keeping it in one place for six to eighteen months, which she judges is enough time to form a social network, and then move it and do the same elsewhere. Even with the center gone, the social network that was established around it remains.

The center is currently located at Trout Lake, British Columbia.

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