Tough Credits & Topics Podcasts

GBCI and USGBC are answering your questions about LEED. Listen to the “Tough Credits & Topics” podcasts to for more information on the ins and outs of getting your project certified. Topics already covered include:

Policies, Programs and Plans in LEED EB: O&M: Need help setting your project’s policy, program or plan? Plug into the conversation as USGBC’s manager of LEED performance and two GBCI reviewers give us the rundown of how policy, program and plan models entered the scene, what prerequisites require policies and what credits require programs or plans, the differences among the three of them, and tips on how to avoid common pitfalls.

LEED Interpretations vs Project CIRs: Join us as we discuss the newly introduced LEED interpretations process and what this means for Project Credit Interpretation Rulings. We’ll fill you in on how LEED interpretations entered the scene, how they differ from addenda and project CIRs, and the best strategies for writing good LEED interpretation requests and Project CIR requests.

More coming soon, including tips on stormwater management!

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