Trina Solar explains how its Vertex module could push to 600 W

Trina Solar

Image taken at “Trinasolar” in Changzhou, Chinain January 2016.

Trina Solar Co. continues to hype the power and possibilities of its 500+ Watt Vertex solar modules in a new white paper. The big claim in the white paper is that this new platform holds potential to hit 600 Watts and higher power output due to its optimized solutions in terms of product design, manufacturing, transportation, system compatibility, etc.

“Since the beginning of this year, the photovoltaic industry has leapfrogged into the era of 500W-plus ultra-high power output,” notes Franck Zhang, Head of product strategy and value management of Trina Solar. “By choosing a size of 210 mm, Trina Solar has locked in the wafer size over the next few years as other size options face upgrading challenges and higher costs.”

Third-cut solar cell?

Trina solar 500 watt

Considering the impact of high current output on the junction box and inverter, module size on the installation, handling, transportation and logistics, Trina Solar is proposing a third-cut solar cell, 5*30 cell layout based on 210 mm oversized wafers, with just the right combo of Multi-Bus Bar, non-destructive cutting and high-density cell interconnection technology. Altogether it means the Vertex reaches 500W-plus power output with 21%-plus efficiency.

Trina says the product design also takes into account the compatibility of downstream systems, paving the way for the Vertex in system integration and application.

Reliability R&D

To improve product reliability, the Trina Solar R&D team has come up with several solutions to optimize hot-spot prevention and mechanical load performance. The Vertex has successfully passed a hot-spot durability test in accordance with IEC 61215 standards.

Check out the white paper for yourself right here.

— Solar Builder magazine


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