Watch: First-ever solar-powered music video (and the product behind it)

Judging by the crowd at Battle of the Bands during Intersolar, the solar industry is into music. The organizers of Battle of the Bands may want to consider Minneapolis hip hop duo Atmosphere – featuring Slug and Ant, as headliners for 2016, as they have just released “the first-ever solar-powered music video” for their biggest single to date, 2007’s “Sunshine.” No, really, here it is:

(Be honest, if you attended the Battle of the Bands, the beginning of that song spoke to you.)

Atmosphere makes this claim thanks to a new product, currently in crowd-funding mode, called SunPort. SunPort is a small plug adaptor that the the creators say allows users to use solar power everywhere there go. No panels, just an adaptor for a an outlet. This “wearable tech for power cords” then measures the electricity you take from any outlet and “automatically upgrades it to solar.”

“Certified S-RECs are big chunks of solar, each one larger than a typical home’s entire monthly energy use,” the company states. “Our hack is simply breaking S-RECs down into much smaller increments called SunJoule™ microcredits.”

For more on SunPort, head to its Kickstarter page.

— Solar Builder magazine


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