Watch: tenKsolar takes a totally new approach to PV system architecture

Solar Power International, being the biggest and baddest solar industry conference of the year, means that the biggest and baddest manufacturers are all on hand, in one room, at the same time. So, where to begin? Well, for us, tenKsolar‘s DUO system stood out. Basically, the company has rethought the traditional module and system architecture in order to deliver the maximum amount of solar on a commercial roof. The focus of the strategy is on density. And they recently filled a huge order in China.

“We wire cells in both an east-west and north-south direction — what that means is cells are inherently matrixed,” says Julian White, director of product strategy, in the video above. And then he lists a ton of things that happen as a result of this approach — from the absence of hot spots to the elimination of arc faults. Seriously. Watch the video above and hear it for yourself.

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— Solar Builder magazine


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