A Cabin in the Woods that is Really an RV


Judging from the photo above you would probably never guess that this lovely cabin is actually an RV, and that it can be towed to pretty much anywhere on a whim. The timber-clad Escape cottage measures 400 square feet, and is the right weight and size to be considered an RV. It was designed as a portable house on wheels, but can also easily become a permanent home for the owners.

Since the Escape cottage was primarily dseigned as a full time home, it is handcrafted from the best and most sustainable materials, while it also has a minimal impact wherever you place it and almost no carbon footprint. The entire cottage is made of recyclable or sustainable growth materials and consumes very little power. The cottage is also constructed following quality home construction guidelines, namely:

• Deep I-beam frame
• Detachable hitch
• 28 gauge steel under frame seal
• 2

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