CBS ArcSafe’s new remote switch actuator

CBS ArcSafe remote switchThe CBS ArcSafe RSA-73A is a custom-designed and built remote switch actuator that allows technicians to remotely charge, close, and/or trip General Electric Type HPC High Pressure Contact Switches from a safe distance while remaining stationed outside of the arc-flash boundary.

Installation and operation of the CBS ArcSafe RSA-73A is quick, simple and does not require any modifications to the existing electrical equipment. The RSA-73A is compatible with all styles of GE Type HPC Switches. Typical applications of these
switches include main service, feeder and branch circuit disconnects, as well as both transformer and large motor disconnects. The CBS ArcSafe RSA-73A is a safer and more cost-effective solution when compared to other arc-flash mitigation alternatives.

Features include:

• Remote operation from up to 300 feet away;
• Lightweight and portable for hard-to-access areas;
• Simple setup, no equipment modification required;
• Quick installation and removal from gear;
• Adjustable travel and locators to accommodate entire product line;
• Reduces or eliminates need for arc-flash hazard suits;
• Eliminates all hazardous manual contact with gear during operation;
• Designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.

— Solar Builder magazine


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