Eaton’s innovative fusing system is dramatically reducing maintenance and maximizing energy generation #Intersolar

Eaton_Transformer_ProtectionPower management company Eaton announced more than a few things at Intersolar North America, including overcurrent protection for three-phase, pad-mounted transformers up to 38 kilovolts (kV), which will enable customers to get their systems back online faster to generate power. Eaton’s Cooper Power series overcurrent protection devices are designed to protect transformers from the impact of low and high-fault currents, providing a solution that dramatically reduces the time and costs associated with replacing fuse technology in large-scale and commercial renewable energy projects. The Eaton solution can take as little as twenty minutes to replace low current fuses, compared to other solutions that may take more than three hours to replace or require replacing the entire transformer.

Eaton’s Cooper Power series technology, including its expanded overcurrent protection technology, are on display in booth #8221 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Attendees can learn how Eaton’s solutions are making cost-effective, safe and reliable solar generation a reality.

“Customers now have the ability to replace 38kV-rated secondary fault fuses in a matter of minutes while existing solutions may take hours or even days to replace and the downtime can result in a loss equivalent to thousands of dollars,” said Jim Washburn, product line manager, Eaton. “As part of Eaton’s broad offering of electrical solutions, our transformer overcurrent protection is making onsite maintenance more efficient for more cost-effective renewable power generation.”

Eaton’s protection solution for transformers includes its Bay-O-Net and energy-limiting submersible partial-range (ELSP) fuses for both low- and high-current protection in collector systems between 23 kV and 38 kV. The Bay-O-Net fuses can be replaced in the field, without removing the tank cover or hand-hole, saving substantial time and costs while reducing the risk of transformer fluid and environmental contamination.

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