EcoScraps Milestone Announced on Earth Day

Yesterday — Earth Day — was a good news day for Provo, UT-based EcoScraps as it announced diverting some 30 million pounds of food waste from landfills over the past year. We proudly provide the company’s press release below.


In honor of Earth Day, EcoScraps is pleased to announce that in the past 12 months it has diverted over 30 million pounds of food waste from landfills, an environmental milestone equivalent to removing 3.5 million cars from America’s roads for a day. When left in landfills, food waste rots and releases harmful greenhouses gases such as methane, a more potent pollutant than those emitted by motor vehicles.

EcoScraps, a provider of organics, chemical and manure-free lawn and garden products, is dedicated to doing all that it can to help better the planet and conserve its resources. Safe for children, pets and the planet, EcoScraps recycles produce waste that would otherwise be hauled into the nation’s landfills to create methane. By diverting waste from landfills to create its products, EcoScraps is significantly reducing damaging methane gas from being released into the air, which perfectly aligns with this year’s Earth Day global theme of “The Face of Climate Change.”

“Earth Day is a great opportunity for people to recognize and remember the importance of environmental responsibility,” said Dan Blake, CEO and co-founder of EcoScraps. “Our mission at EcoScraps has always been to attack environmental problems head on in everything that we do, so essentially every day is Earth Day here at EcoScraps. It only takes small changes in the ways we live to make a big difference.”

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created the following 10 simple steps anyone can take to reduce greenhouse emissions, and EcoScraps encourages everyone to use these as a starting point to becoming more environmentally conscious.

1. Change five lights to ENERGY STAR lights
2. Look for ENERGY STAR products and appliances
3. Heat and cool your home smartly
4. Seal and insulate your home
5. Reduce, reuse, recycle
6. Use water efficiently
7. Be green in your yard
8. Purchase green power
9. Calculate your household’s carbon footprint
10. Spread the word of energy efficiency

Source: Business Wire 


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