Entire Solis 4G inverter line now available with UL 1741 SA certification

ginlong solis

Ginlong Technologies sent word that its complete product line of Ginlong Solis (NA) Single-Phase 4G PV string inverters have been tested and certified for compliance to the new UL 1741 SA Standard as described in the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) Rule 21.

Each Ginlong Solis (NA) single-phase 4G PV string inverter will be labeled “Grid Support Utility Interactive Inverter” (per Rule 21 guidance) and will introduce new smart inverter features to PV system owners, as well as demonstrate new grid-interactive functionalities that will better enable utilities to integrate more distributed generators (DG) into their transmission and distribution systems.

“This is a very exciting time for the solar energy industry as we see more solar DG’s contributing larger and larger percentages of the country’s electricity demand,” the company noted.

The Ginlong Solis (NA) single-phase 4G PV string inverters are still anti-islanding inverters, however the UL 1741 SA certification will allow an inverter to interact with the grid before complete disconnection. These new Solis inverters will offer remote powering and curtailment, low and high voltage and frequency ride through, power factor control, power ramp-up, frequency-watt and voltage-watt control, and other utility-interactive capabilities that allow these inverters to adapt their output, promoting grid stability and resilience.

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— Solar Builder magazine

[source: http://solarbuildermag.com/inverters/entire-solis-4g-inverter-line-now-available-ul-1741-sa-certification/]

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