ERCAM Trackers Delivered to Texas’ Largest Solar Farm

San Antonio-based ERCAM Trackers has completed delivery of more than 4,000 single and dual-axis trackers to the Alamo I solar farm in San Antonio.

Photo courtesy ERCAM Trackers /

Photo courtesy ERCAM Trackers /

At 41 MWac, Alamo I is the first stage of a 400-MWac solar project featuring single and dual-axis solar PV trackers. ERCAM has delivered more than 5,400 metric tons of steel including 17 million parts.

“This project is the largest procurement of materials in all of ERCAM’s experience in the photovoltaic industry,” said Tomas Moreno, Chief Operating Officer of ERCAM. “Alamo I is a great achievement for the team and company considering eight months ago we began this business with a small staff.”

The landmark project features more than 166,000 solar panels.

ERCAM’s dual-axis solar trackers use a patented dual-axis algorithm which increases the energy output by 20 to 30 percent for fixed systems. The simple, low-profile, backtracking dual-axis tracker increases energy production about 26% (annualized). Built with corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, the trackers withstand all weather conditions. Construction is simple with no welding, cranes or elevated work required. The hydraulic drive system eliminates obstructing cross linkage between rows, which opens drive-thru access for cleaning and vegetation control.

ERCAM is part of a consortium of solar manufacturers bringing hundreds of renewable energy jobs to Texas through 2016. To date, ERCAM has created more than 70 permanent positions in the San Antonio area.

— Solar Builder magazine

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