Every LEED Certification/Accreditation Fee In One Place

I had a few requests today at work for clarifications on LEED fees, presumably because they’re a little hard to find or that they require 3-4 clicks to get to from the main website and my coworkers are lazy (just kidding… please don’t fire me!)

expensive hamster

Perhaps an unfair picture for this post, but then again…

As a result, I thought all you LEED power users might appreciate a post that will link directly to fees for every rating system. In each case, fees all versions of the rating system are indicated:

So that’s that, and I hope it makes you’re life slightly easier… If any of these links break please let me know by leaving a comment!

[source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/RealLifeLeed/~3/XqR9Pm6A7wE/every-leed-certificationaccreditation.html]

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