Guest Post: Advantages of a Solar Heat Exchanger

A solar heat exchanger is a component of a solar water heating system that provides hot water to a residential or commercial environment using solar energy from the sun. Solar energy is absorbed and captured then stored within the heat exchanger. This is used to heat the water, which then travels throughout pipes to sinks, showers, and other necessary locations. There are many advantages to having a solar heat exchanger as opposed to a more traditional method of heating water. 

Save Money on Electric or Heating Bills

Arguably the most obvious benefit of a solar heat exchanger is the opportunity to save large sums of money on electric or heating bills. In fact, bills tend to be reduced by between 50 and 80 percent by those who switch to solar water heating. This is because solar energy costs no money, which means that electricity is not required except a very small amount to run the pump.

Minimize Maintenance Visits

Maintenance visits with traditional water heaters are expensive and unfortunately they happen on a fairly regular basis in most homes and businesses. Solar heat exchangers almost eliminate these visits because they are much less likely to break down. Furnaces and boilers tend to break down and completely stop working at a much higher rate than the newly developed and highly effective solar heaters.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

As damage to the environment becomes more and more of an issue in the world today it is important to do our part to reduce that damage. Furnaces and boilers not only have more of an impact on the environment than solar water heaters but they are also more likely to emit harmful chemicals into the air if anything goes wrong. Solar heat exchangers are safe for the environment and emit no chemicals into the air.

Author: Gene Smelyankiy

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