Is net metering back in Nevada? Well, kind of

Nevada solar rates

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The number one net metering saga of 2016 was that of Nevada, which ended its program and caused a mass exodus of solar installation companies. The most controversial aspect of the decision – not grandfathering in the early adopters under their previous rate structure – was eventually reversed.

Well, let’s kick off 2017 with some good vibes from Nevada. The state’s Public Utilities Commission voted unanimously to allow a small portion of northern Nevada residents to sign up for the attractive rates over the next three years. About 2,100 of Sierra Pacific Power Co.’s estimated 290,000 residential customers in northern Nevada have already enrolled.

Hey, better than nothing right? From the Las Vegas Sun:

“We need to restart a conversation, work together,” said commissioner Joe Reynolds, who was appointed chairman by Gov. Brian Sandoval in September. As part of a reshuffling, the prior chairman was moved to a regular commissioner role and the architect of the controversial rate hike was not reappointed to the three-person panel.

In a lengthy order explaining the policy, Reynolds wrote that allowing new rooftop solar installations at the attractive rates will support the state’s goal of diversifying its energy portfolio, and will reduce the average residential customer’s bill by 1 cent a month.

— Solar Builder magazine


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