Jane Goodall Institute Revolutionizes Chimpanzee Protection With High-Tech Tools


The Jane Goodall Institute, founded by renowned primatologist Jane Goodall, is revolutionizing the concept of environmental conservation through technology. In 1960, when Goodall arrived in Gombe National Park, Tanzania, her equipment consisted of little more than pencil, paper and a pair of binoculars.

Now, the Jane Goodall Institute is incorporating high-tech tools to improve chimpanzee preservation, research and education. Using mapping technology on mobile devices for forest monitoring, satellite imagery, as well as enlisting the efforts of local villagers, the Jane Goodall Institute has been able to expand their reach and more accurately track progress, putting them at the cutting edge of chimpanzee protection.

Check out this great video, ‪From the Ground to the Cloud: Transforming Chimpanzee Conservation with High-Tech Tools‬:


[source: http://ecowatch.com/2013/10/25/jane-goodall-institute-chimpanzee-protection-high-tech-tools/]

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