Microinverter Showcase

14_03_2014 168ABB
The ABB MICRO Inverter is compatible with the widest range of panels (manufacturers, power/watts and voltages). It offers the best panel shading tolerance and performance in low light due to the widest DC input voltage range (12 to 75 volts), says ABB. This inverter has only five system components which reduce the installation costs and increases design flexibility. It offers maximum power density and high efficiency rating (maximum 96.5%, rated 96.0%) which will maximize energy harvest.

With a wireless system monitoring, ABB’s CDD monitoring system better enables installers to manage customer’s sites while providing client sites for the homeowner to use. The site can be monitored from any mobile device using an iOS/Android app.

[source: http://solarbuildermag.com/featured/microinverter-showcase-2014/]

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