Need stylish flame resistant, arc flash head protection? You’re in luck

National Safety Apparel

If you are in need of some better protective head gear for the solar jobsite, National Safety Apparel features a wide variety of flame resistant and arc flash stocked head protection that help against extreme temperatures or a multitude of hazards.

National Safety Apparel offers a wide variety of complete head protection kits with an assortment of styles, fabrics and protection levels. Arc flash balaclavas paired with goggles and/or faceshields offer an alternative to the traditional beekeeper’s style hoods. These combinations offer a lighter weight, often more breathable, and compact option for arc flash protection on tasks that do not have a potential shrapnel hazard element. It is important to have a professional hazard assessment completed to identify all potential hazards prior to selecting any form of PPE.

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For those workers who are not required to wear as much head protection but still want to stay protected, flame resistant baseball caps will do just that. These FR caps feature a category rating of 2 (HRC 2), an adjustable fit, and offer a sporty style option that can be branded with a company logo. Be sure to select the FR head protection that meets your workplace safety requirements after a hazard assessment has been completed.

Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, National Safety Apparel (NSA) is a U.S. manufacturer of protective apparel for the electrical utility, oil, natural gas, steel, glass, construction, manufacturing, and other industries. Using the latest fabrics and technologies, NSA regularly introduces new and innovative products to enhance the safety apparel options available to workers.

— Solar Builder magazine


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