New from SnapNrack: A Junction Box and Trunk Cable Clamp

SnapNRack junction box wire management

SnapNrack, a manufacturer of solar panel mounting solutions, just announced a new Junction Box and Trunk Cable Clamp that will further enhance the company’s wire management solutions. SnapNrack says this UL-listed Junction Box will save installation time and cost over current solutions while improving safety and reliability over the life of the system.

This junction box and trunk cable clamp combo is designed to be 6 in. x 5 in. x 3 in. and fully integrated with DIN rail mounts inside, and it is large enough for wire management but small enough to be adaptable to any mounting configuration. All that is needed for a quick and easy installation is a single ½-in. socket along with the standard Snap-In features from SnapNrack. A large temperature range of -40 F to 185 F in combination with a NEMA 4X rating will allow it to hold up in the most extreme environments, while an aesthetic black color will provide full UV protection to extend the life of the box and its contents.

In addition to the Junction Box, the Trunk Cable Clamp offers a strong and reliable solution for securing 1-2 Micro-Inverter trunk cables along SnapNrack Rail Channels, transitioning in and out of channels, and even routing across rails. As a high quality alternative to plastic zip ties, the SnapNrack Trunk Cable Clamp works with all known Micro-Inverter AC Trunk Cable diameters and is made up of fiber reinforced resin developed for high UV exposure as well as to handle the extreme temperature range of a rooftop (rated for -40F to 185F).

SnapNrack’s line of wire management solutions also include the SnapNrack 4-Wire Clamp, which provide the same benefits as the trunk cable clamp but for PV cables as well as the Wire Clip that is designed to cover and hold all electrical conductors in the rail channel. Combining these with SnapNrack’s Standard Rail channels will not only provide a high quality full wire management system, but will provide a faster and easier installation as well.

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— Solar Builder magazine


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