News on Fronius updates to Solar.web and MLPE solutions

Fronius featuring entire inverter lineup, giveaways

The Fronius Solar Energy Division will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2017, and to mark the occasion, it will be expanding its product portfolio. Here are some notes on the updates:


Increasing energy efficiency with Fronius Solar.web

  • A highlight here is the Rest API server interface for Fronius Solar.web, the online service for remote system monitoring. The Ethernet-based open interface allows the user to incorporate inverter values from the server into third-party systems.
  • The energy optimization feature in Solar.web is also new, whereby the customer can access a weekly overview in the online portal that calculates their consumption as an hourly rate. With the aid of this data, the user is shown a simulation that demonstrates how much energy they could save and use themselves by using a storage system, rather than obtaining it from the grid. This increases the degree of self-sufficiency up to as much as 80 percent.
  • The new weather-service function allows energy optimization to be improved even further by enabling current weather data to be used for a variety of purposes. For example, this information can be taken into account for consumption considerations.
  • Another innovation in Solar.web is the remote inverter software update. This allows the user to remotely update the inverter software with one click and without having to physically go to the system – a process that is fast, easy and efficient. The new features will be made available worldwide over the course of the year.

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Module electronics solutions and storage systems increase efficiency and safety

Solutions for solar module optimization also await Fronius customers in 2017: these fulfill future NEC (National Electrical Code) requirements more simply, efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional module-level power electronics. Fronius is therefore equipped and ready for the US safety standards of tomorrow. These innovative technologies also contribute to increasing energy efficiency and simplifying system planning. As such, Fronius offers its customers a modern and open system that can be adapted to individual needs. Fronius also has plans to expand its range of storage systems in the coming year.

— Solar Builder magazine


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