Schneider Electric receives inverter approval from Dubai authority

Schneider Electric Solar Business has been listed as an approved PV Inverter Manufacturer for Dubai Electric and Water Authority’s (DEWA) solar rooftop and net metering program, Shams Dubai.

Schneider Electric invertersThis program is one of DEWA’s smart initiatives, which supports government visions of using renewable energy to foster economic growth and to build a clean and sustainable future for Dubai. Shams Dubai encourages homeowners and commercial building owners to produce and consume their own energy through a grid-tie PV system, where excess energy will be fed back to the local grid.

Schneider Electric’s approved list of grid-tie inverters includes Conext RL3000 E, Conext RL4000 E, Conext RL5000 E, Conext CL20000 E, Conext CL25000 E.

“We are excited that Schneider Electric is now part of this smart initiative in Dubai,” said Xavier Datin, VP of the Commercial and Residential Line of Business. “Anyone will be able to buy, install, and get approval to connect their solar system to the grid using our inverters when installed by a certified solar EPC. In the long run, home and building owners will save on electricity bills, increase the value of their property, reduce their carbon footprint, and collectively contribute to a smarter and cleaner future.”

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— Solar Builder magazine


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