SolarBridge Introduces Power Portal Software, Frameless ACPV Solution

SolarBridge Technologies, a leading provider of PV microinverter solutions for TRUEAC modules, unveiled a new version of the SolarBridge Power Portal software and a new frameless TRUEAC module solution at Intersolar North America.

solarbridgeThe SolarBridge Power Portal V4.0 software has been significantly updated to offer many new features, including a new graphical user interface and an updated suite of tools and features for system owners, installers, financing companies and module companies to better manage large fleets of distributed residential and commercial ACPV systems. The SolarBridge Power Portal is built on an open architecture, and can be highly customized for TRUEAC module partners, allowing them to offer their own differentiated, branded monitoring solutions to the market and control and enhance their customers’ experience.

“Today’s solar customers expect a compelling user experience, and the SolarBridge Power Portal delivers seamless visibility to PV system performance,” said Craig Lawrence, vice president, marketing, SolarBridge. “Unlike many other solar monitoring products, SolarBridge has built an open software platform for our module partners, allowing them significant flexibility to design their customer’s experience. Many of our partners have built highly differentiated monitoring products on top of this technology platform.”

In addition, SolarBridge is announcing a new mounting solution for frameless glass-on-glass modules that will allow module companies to introduce TRUEAC frameless modules to the market. This solution provides installers and designers the safest, simplest and fastest installation solution on the market today in a sleek, attractive form factor well-suited for BIPV applications and other unique installation needs, such as carports and curtain walls.

The patented frameless solution utilizes the award-winning SolarBridge Pantheon II microinverter, suitable for both 60-cell and 72-cell PV modules, residential and commercial grid-tied applications, in both 50Hz and 60Hz electrical grids. The Pantheon II microinverter features a patented electrical design that eliminates the failure-prone components found in most inverters on the market today, such as electrolytic capacitors. SolarBridge offers a 25-year warranty on its microinverters, provided to system owners as part of a single, end-to-end warranty from the module manufacturer.

“SolarBridge has already made a name for itself for its integrated, TRUEAC approach and commitment to simplicity. Now we continue to be on the cutting edge as the only company to offer that solution for frameless modules,” said Bill Mulligan, president and CEO of SolarBridge. “This latest solution showcases our dedication to product reliability, ease of installation and innovation.”

— Solar Builder magazine


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