SunnyCal Solar debuts ‘Collapsible Array’ with disaster relief PV mounting in mind

FEMA-1 Structure equipped with four 380W solar modules

FEMA-1 Structure equipped with four 380W solar modules (PRNewsfoto/SunnyCal Solar Inc.)

SunnyCal Solar, a solar products company specializing in “personal solar” products, announced the first in a series of new products that enable grid-free power.

Collapsible solar arrays can be shipped fully assembled, and can be unfolded to an upright position, producing power immediately. The innovative lightweight structure can include up to 1,500 W of solar panels, and a unique “Daylight Inverter”, that powers a 120V receptacle whenever the sun shines; no batteries required. A custom designed screw-in anchor system and tamper resistant screws enable secure installation.

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SunnyCal CEO Steve Dollens said: “Our customers are seeking grid-free power solutions. The Collapsible Array is a direct result of our efforts to enable personal power for disaster-stricken areas like Central California and Puerto Rico.” The company believes the Array fills the power gap between disaster and power restoration.

Upcoming personal power products include: Daylight Inverters for AC well water pumps, solar metal roofing and self-powered greenhouses.

SunnyCal Solar has been installing turnkey solar systems since 2006.

— Solar Builder magazine

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