AET accounts for 145 mph winds in 5-MW installation in Puerto Rico

Applied Energy Technologies (AET) completed a 5 MW solar installation project with Rosendin Construction Puerto Rico, LLC in Juncos, Puerto Rico. The modules installed for the project are Hanwha Q Cells 300W. The project will bring power to a Medtronic Pharmaceuticals facility.

APPLIED ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES (AET) LOGO“It is a privilege to be selected for another project in the Caribbean and South American market,” said Aaron Faust, VP of Business Development for AET. “Our engineering team is earning its reputation for providing thorough analysis so that every component of a project is taken into consideration to ensure quality, while also keeping costs down for the customer.”

For this particular project, AET’s engineering team had to account for 145 miles per hour wind load, a higher than average wind load for solar systems. With AET’s Rayport-G ECO wind tunnel test, they were able to optimize the posts of the system to save on cost, while upholding quality system engineering for the project. The system features a 2-high portrait design optimized for maximum panels and load tilt angle of 10 degrees.

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“AET was a clear choice for this project because of their experience in managing and delivering utility-scale projects,” said Ronald Hopgood, Division Manager of Rosendin. “AET’s system is backed by their expert engineering and wind tunnel analysis, making their system an ideal fit for the unique site conditions of this project.”

AET’s Rayport ECO product portfolio includes both rooftop and ground mount racking solutions made of fully galvanized steel. Customers are able to save money and installation time with AET’s ECO line of lightweight and high quality solar mounting solutions.

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AET adds east-west configuration to Rayport-B ECO system line

Applied Energy Technologies (AET) expanded its ECO line of products with its Rayport-B ECO East-West System. AET’s Rayport-B ECO East-West System provides an east/west orientation to maximize PV production and increase array density on the rooftop.

East to west orientation provides advantages for PV power production with a dynamic grid. With greater array density, the system provides dual exposure during peak PV production times.

“For many rooftop installations, an east-west orientation yields much better results in PV production,” said Aaron Faust, AET’s VP of Business Development. “It’s our goal to provide customers with a reliable, high-quality and cost-effective racking solution that supports system optimization.”

AET’s engineers design each product to be functional, lightweight, durable and cost-effective. The Rayport-B ECO East-West System, like its family of ECO products, is constructed from galvanized steel. It has one common bolt for all joints and has panel clamps with integrated grounding. The Rayport-B ECO System is wind tunnel tested, UL 2703 listed and comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

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AET expands Rayport-B ECO ballast system for Prism Bifacial panels


Applied Energy Technologies (AET) has expanded its ECO line of products, introducing the Rayport-B ECO Prism Ballast System for Prism Solar Technologies Bifacial Solar Panels. Prism’s bifacial glass modules generate up to 25 percent more energy per watt than traditional modules in flat rooftop applications by utilizing the light reflected from a white or reflective commercial rooftop surface.

AET was selected by Prism to custom design a racking solution for its bifacial solar module product line.

“It’s our goal to grow with the industry as new technologies emerge,” said Aaron Faust, AET’s VP of Business Development. “Adapting our rooftop solution was a clear choice to provide customers with a reliable, cost-effective racking solution for bifacial panels.”

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Prism Solar Technologies has been manufacturing bifacial solar modules since 2012. They are the only bifacial module manufacturer with a warranted backside power rating and the first module in the industry to meet NREL’s most stringent Qualification-Plus durability standard.

“With their reputation as a technically advanced racking supplier, AET was well positioned to address the needs of the commercial roof and solar marketplace,” said Jerry Hughes, Director of Sales and Marketing at Prism Solar. “AET customized their system to realize the additional ‘backside-gain’ for their customers who combine Prism modules with reflective rooftops. We are confident that the end result is a high quality system that achieves the additional bifacial-energy-gain and is easy to install.”

AET has been at the forefront in developing groundbreaking products that help bring solar energy to a wider audience. With an impeccable track record of 100% on time delivery, 100% on budget, and zero warranty claims, AET meets the highest standards in product manufacturing, design and engineering, and installation required by the solar industry’s foremost leaders.

For more information on AET’s Rayport-B ECO Prism Ballast System, visit their website.

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AGT selects AET ground mount system for 4.7-MW project in Florida

Is the lagging solar market in Florida ready to pick things up? Florida Solar Energy Industries Association’s (FlaSEIA) Executive Director Mike Antheil thinks so. “Dropping prices on PV and balance of system components, combined with a general population who is energized about solar projects, Florida is ready to live up to its potential as the third largest solar opportunity market in the country,” he said.

Applied Energy Technologies (AET) - Engineered Solar Mounting Solutions. (PRNewsFoto/APPLIED ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES (AET))

Here’s a good start: AGT, a leading commercial solar contractor in Florida, selected Applied Energy Technologies’ Rayport-G ECO ground mount solar racking system for a 4.7-MW project in Fort Lauderdale. SolarWorld’s 320W Sunmodules and GE’s inverters were selected for the project.

“We are proud to have met AGT’s high standards and join the solar movement in Florida,” said Aaron Faust, VP of Business Development at AET. “AGT recognized the value in our racking solutions and services through an extensive and detailed vetting process. We provide a combination of the highest quality and most cost-competitive racking systems on the market to deliver bankable solutions for utility-scale solar projects across the U.S.”

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AET’s Rayport-G ECO ground mount system is strong and durable having been engineered to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions, as well as light and compact allowing for high shipping density, significantly reduced freight costs and easier handling on the job site. The Rayport-G ECO is UL listed and wind tunnel tested.

“AGT has a strong presence in Florida and we anticipate the Florida market to continue to grow,” said Clint Sockman, VP of AGT. “It’s important that we build strategic relationships with a racking supplier that we can rely on, and that’s what we found in AET for this project.”

AET ships its products from multiple locations, with established distribution centers in California, Indiana, Virginia, Texas, Arizona, and Mississippi, giving nationwide coverage to get products to its customers fast.

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AET adds ground-mount dealer kits to expanded ECO product line

AET ground mount dealer kit

Applied Energy Technologies (AET), a manufacturer of commercial and utility-scale racking systems and one of the top 10 solar racking companies in the United States, expanded its ECO line of products with its Rayport-G ECO Ground Mount Dealer Kit. This kit is another example of AET’s track record of innovation and ability to meet the unique needs of its customers.

AET’s network of distributors is fully stocked with the kits, which include pre-engineered drawings with bill of materials to provide accurate guidance on the number of posts required based on site-specific wind and snow loads. AET’s dealer kits give installers and EPCs the ease of purchasing right off the shelf for their commercial or residential project needs, saving time and ensuring a quick turnaround, while maintaining AET’s high standards.

AET is highly regarded in the industry for both its innovative products and its engineering support; installers and EPCs can now benefit from this expertise when they purchase these ground mount racking kits.

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“Our innovative dealer kits give customers direct access to everything needed for a ground mount system,” said Aaron Faust, VP of Business Development with AET. “By investing our expertise on the frontend, we are maximizing efficiencies for our customer, allowing for a quick turnaround for the end-user. Backed by our expert engineering and high-quality manufacturing, the kits can be easily configured to meet unique project needs.”

AET’s Rayport-G ECO Dealer Kits include pre-engineered drawings for both 60 and 70 cell modules, ranging from 2 row x 6 column array options to 2 row x 20 column array options. With the bill of materials, snow load, and wind speed charts included, customers can easily identify the number of posts needed for project installation and the materials required to construct the solar array for their project.

AET has been at the forefront in developing groundbreaking products that help bring solar energy to a wider audience. With an impeccable track record of 100% on time delivery, 100% on budget, and zero warranty claims, AET meets the highest standards in product manufacturing, design and engineering, and installation required by the solar industry’s foremost leaders.

For more information, visit AET’s website.

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