AET adds east-west configuration to Rayport-B ECO system line

Applied Energy Technologies (AET) expanded its ECO line of products with its Rayport-B ECO East-West System. AET’s Rayport-B ECO East-West System provides an east/west orientation to maximize PV production and increase array density on the rooftop.

East to west orientation provides advantages for PV power production with a dynamic grid. With greater array density, the system provides dual exposure during peak PV production times.

“For many rooftop installations, an east-west orientation yields much better results in PV production,” said Aaron Faust, AET’s VP of Business Development. “It’s our goal to provide customers with a reliable, high-quality and cost-effective racking solution that supports system optimization.”

AET’s engineers design each product to be functional, lightweight, durable and cost-effective. The Rayport-B ECO East-West System, like its family of ECO products, is constructed from galvanized steel. It has one common bolt for all joints and has panel clamps with integrated grounding. The Rayport-B ECO System is wind tunnel tested, UL 2703 listed and comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

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— Solar Builder magazine



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